Psychodynamic Therapy:
Attachment Theory as a Guide to Understand and Working with Transference in Psychotherapy
A Psychodynamic Perspective on Resistance in Psychotherapy
Psychodynamic psychotherapy for complex trauma
Transference-countertransference Repetitions of Traumatic Effects
Collaboration in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for PTSD

Relational-Cultural Therapy:
Relational-Cultural Therapy Relational Therapy for Trauma
The Growth of Relational Therapy
Person-Centered Relational Therapy
The Role of Mutual Empathy in Relational Cultural Therapy
Betrayal Model – Relational Models of Harm and Healing
Re-examing Empathy – A Relational-Feminism Point of View
Empathic Relational Bonds and Personal Agency in Psychotherapy
The Therapists Use of Self-Disclosure in Relational Therapy and Eating Disorders
Expanging the Therapeutic Boundary – Taking Risks for Change

Therapy Termination:
Clients’ perspectives on therapy termination
What went wrong? Therapists’ reflections on their role in premature termination
Termination of psychotherapy- The journey of 10 psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapists
Type of counseling termination and trainee therapist–client agreement about change

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