Disclaimer: I am not a therapist nor any type of licensed mental health professional. Anything I write on this blog is written purely from my own personal experience and is not meant to be offered as professional advice, guidance, or as either a representation of an entire diagnosis or an endorsement of any specific treatment. Please visit my resources page for more information about therapy, trauma, and mental illness.

Quotations: Please note that although I use a lot of quotations in my posts about sessions, they are not always 100% accurate. I do not record sessions, so I have to go from memory. The wording may not be exact, but the general idea of the dialogue is accurate and based on my own perceptions of what happened.

Trigger Warning: This blog may contain posts about topics such as incest, sexual, physical, & emotional abuse, self-injury, substance use, and disordered eating. Please use caution and self-care when reading.

Authors: Although I (Andi) am the main writer of this blog, I welcome all parts of our DID system to share their thoughts in this space, so you may see posts written by others. Such posts will either have an introduction or signature to clarify who is writing.

Privacy: All names used on this blog are pseudonyms to protect privacy, including mine. The main pseudonym you’ll see is “Zooey”, which is my former therapist who abruptly terminated therapy (and inspired the name of this blog).

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