Warrior Child

Thanks to the lovely blogger E, or That Anxious Mom, I have been nominated for my very first blogging award! Yay!

When I started “Therapy Sucks” two months ago, I just needed a place to vent so that I didn’t explode all over the place. I was in the throes of some very serious grief and was absolutely devastated from losing Zooey. I truly had no idea that this blog – my words – would turn out to be something so many people would connect with. I have somehow drawn in the most wonderful people to this little internet cubby of mine and I have learned that I am very far from being alone in my experiences.

The award E nominated me for is called the “Warrior Child Award“. Here is how the award is described:

“Awarded by any member of the Mental Health Writers’ Guild it is awarded without reservation or expectation to any blogger who, in the opinion of that Guild Member, has demonstrated in their writing both the ability to be as strong, determined or brave as a warrior whilst at the same time also showing that they too are as vulnerable as a child.”


When E nominated me for this award, she left this comment:

Hi Andi, I don’t know if you do the blogger award things, but I did want to nominate you for the Mental Health Writer’s Guild Warrior Child award….you are one strong and inspiring person, among the first who came to mind when I saw that part. 

Thank you so much, E. This truly means a lot to me. (To us).