Typed Medical Records

Here are the typed notes from the screen shots of my medical records that I reference in my Alleged post:

“Andi alleges a history of sexual abuse involving rape by a neighbor on a number of occasions. She reports sleep disturbances, nightmares, and flashbacks related to the rape.”

“Andi was seen in the gynecology clinic on 12/9/99. This was an essentially normal exam. She was referred to the GYN clinic for baseline pelvic exam and also a question of intactness of hymen. Hymen was intact with no evidence of tears.”

“Andi had individual therapy with [Social Worker] throughout this admission. In addition, she participated in individual therapy with [Psychiatrist]. During both therapies, Andi initially had great difficulty telling the truth. She told wild stories, including one about have a boyfriend from [Town] who was physically abusive to her. After some detective work by the parents and unit staff, it was learned that Andi had never met this boy but had only talked to him on the internet. She was eventually able to admit this falsehood to her parents. In addition, she also perpetuated a lie about having become pregnant from her rape, having a miscarriage at 6 months gestation, and being hospitalized overnight without her parents’ knowledge. She as able to admit to this lie also to her parents. These falsehoods cast some question on the veracity of the alleged rapes. Andi was never able to discuss these incidents with her parents

She discussed them in great deal with her therapist and psychiatrist. At times details of the rapes were not consistent. Throughout the admission, Andi continued to maintain that these events were true. Staff did feel that Andi had suffered some form of trauma due to hyperarousal, exaggerated startle response, and flashback behavior. Toward the end of the admission, Andi had a number of episodes that could be described as flashbacks. These were characterized by flailing arms and leg movements, dilated pupils, and unresponsiveness to verbal prompts ranging from minutes to one hour. As a result of these episodes, Andi was referred to [Doctor], Child Neurologist, to rule out any neurological involvement.”

This last piece is from a separate institution:

“At the time of her admission, she also endorsed a number of symptoms suggestive of PTSD including frequent flashbacks and nightmares regarding an alleged rape that has been questioned by her family…”