I got a phone call this morning offering me the position for the job interview I had on Tuesday. I immediately accepted and received  my offer letter within a few hours. My official start date is next Tuesday. This company has many clinics and I was also informed today that I’ll be working at a facility within a half-hour commute of my home (which is pretty awesome when you live in NYC).

So, yeah, it’s all pretty much exactly what I wanted.


Gahh! It’s all incredibly exciting. I know I worked very hard to set myself for success upon graduating, but man does it feel good to actually reap the benefits of all my efforts! It’s so surreal right now. This also means that beginning in exactly five days I have to be a legit adult again and, you know, work. Scary stuff. But it certainly eases my anxiety to know that I was able to land a job at the exact company I wanted and my job hunting process was remarkably uneventful and abrupt. Win!

Throughout all of this excitement, it was not lost on me that (once again) my schedule will be completely shifting. My therapist and I have always, somehow, done an excellent job at rearranging our schedules to fit each other’s needs, but it’s something that always makes me intensely anxious. Since things have been more relaxed lately, I didn’t panic about my changing schedule as much as I usually do. But I did worry that since I’d have to cancel two of my three appointments next week (after she returns from a TWELVE DAY vacation) it would simply be too long to go without our normal sessions.

I waited to get official word on my onboarding schedule next week before settling down to email my therapist with my updated schedule. I wanted her to have time to think about how she could accommodate my new availability. But then I realized that this was BIG NEWS and I didn’t want her to find out via email. Normally I’d just wait to tell her in session, but I wasn’t scheduled to see her until after my schedule starts changing.

So I called her and left a voicemail. I explained that I know she isn’t as available right now, but if she has 5-10 minutes to chat sometime over the next few days, I’d really appreciate a call back. She called back about an hour later and we spoke for ten minutes. She was aware that I was in the middle of an HR recruiting process, so I told her right away that I’d gotten the job.

“Yay! That’s such great news! And this is the company you wanted to work for!!!”

I was so relieved that she wasn’t upset I called just to give her this news, but I felt compelled to explain myself anyway. I said,

“So I actually start next week, which also means that my schedule will be completely different. I won’t be able to see you on Wednesday or Friday and I also just wanted to give you a heads up as soon as possible.”

I was surprised, but she took the time right then and there to reschedule those two sessions (bonus: I get to see her a day earlier, because we switched Wednesday to Tuesday!). We didn’t settle on a permanent schedule, but we took care of the immediate future and she seemed confident we could figure that out soon enough.

Then she started asking some questions about the interview and where I’ll be working, etc. I was so surprised, but it felt really nice. I could tell she was happy for me. And proud. As the call was winding down, I said

“I know I could have emailed this to you, but once I thought about it, I decided to just call. I was thinking that, you know, we’ve been working together for a long time now and this is a big deal, so I didn’t want to tell you over email…I wanted to actually be able to tell you and talk to you about it!”

“Yes! This is big news! And I’m glad you called to tell me. I think it makes a lot of sense that you’d want to have this conversation in real time.”

I think she said some other awesome stuff, but I was just so pleased to hear that she was actually glad I called her. And I believe her, I really do. She sounded genuinely thrilled that I’d called just to share this news. I know she also understood why the change in schedule right after a vacation would also be startling to me, but it seemed like if I’d honestly called just to be like “Hey! I got the job! OMG!”, she would’ve been okay with it.

How cool is that?! And how cool that I actually CALLED her while she was on VACATION and she called me back?! And OMG I have a JOB!!



40 thoughts on “Awesome

  1. Paper Doll says:

    So much win! Congratulations on the job and getting it where you want and having a great convo with your T (I know that calling while on vacation feeling). I know starting and “adulting” can be hard but I have done it for a year and it really still doesn’t feel too adult 😉

    Congrats on all the happy 🙂 you deserve happy.

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  2. pattyspathtohealing says:

    Your new job is great news and the splendid conversation with your therapist made it 100x better, I bet. I think that therapists truly care about us and it really does make them happy to share our good news.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Life in a Bind - BPD and me says:

    This is fantastic news, really well done! 🙂 So happy for you 🙂 And it IS INDEED AWESOME that you felt happy and able to ring her and that she was happy to receive the call and was thrilled for you too – a moment to really treasure and remember for future times when times might be hard in therapy. Another healing moment – enjoy it, you deserve it 🙂 xxx

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