I realized I left my last post on a bit of a cliffhanger. I didn’t intend to do that, but my life took off like a shot right after I started working. I forgot how exhausting it is to be on your feet all day!

But I did sign the contract and I absolutely love my job. My direct supervisor is amazing. She reminds me a lot of my second clinical instructor, someone I really enjoyed working with. She’s incredibly smart and our personalities fit well together. My clinic director is a classic football-loving athletic guy who seems great, too. I haven’t had the chance to interact with him as much yet. Honestly, everyone at my clinic is super chill and friendly, even (most of) the patients.

I’ve also had the chance to attend a couple of events with the company – a social event and a professional development event. I was able to meet the CEO and many other senior staffers. The whole company has a “family” vibe to it, something I know they work very hard to achieve. I felt welcomed by each person I met and was thrilled when people recognized me at the second event and remembered me!

Extra fun: my supervisor took on a new student this past Monday and that student is a current student at my alma mater! SO COOL! It’s great to have a student working with her because I’m a new grad, so there’s a lot left to learn. Having a student gives me a chance to learn alongside her as well as help to teach, which always reinforces learning.

I just love it. I keep saying that if I could have designed the perfect job for myself upon graduation, it would literally be this job. I know things may not always be quite this ideal (relocations and other changes happen fairly regularly across the company as it continues to grow) but for now, it’s wonderful.


Tomorrow is my first day of work!

Well, technically it’s just human resources “onboarding” for two hours, but I get to sign my contract and becoming an employed adult again! Wednesday will be my first full work shift, following by another clinician-specific training on Thursday. Then Friday I’m completely ready to be an official employee. I’ll be working part-time until I take the board exam next month, which gives me some time to transition back into working. It’s been several months since I was in an orthopedic clinic, so I’m feeling a little rusty. I’m sure I’ll pick it up again quickly, but I’m still kinda nervous.

I spoke with both of my nieces (and my nephew) via FaceTime this evening, since they also start school tomorrow. My older niece seemed indifferent at best and terrified at worst about starting 3rd grade. The younger kiddo was mostly just totally stoked about starting Kindergarten and told us about how she’ll be riding the #4 Giraffe bus. It felt good to talk to them. They bring such joy into my world.

My sister also announced that she’s returning to college soon. She didn’t get to complete her Bachelor’s (she got pregnant senior year), so I would be thrilled to see her achieve that goal. She said she was inspired by my decision to go back to school to change careers, which felt nice to hear.

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I got a phone call this morning offering me the position for the job interview I had on Tuesday. I immediately accepted and received  my offer letter within a few hours. My official start date is next Tuesday. This company has many clinics and I was also informed today that I’ll be working at a facility within a half-hour commute of my home (which is pretty awesome when you live in NYC).

So, yeah, it’s all pretty much exactly what I wanted.


Gahh! It’s all incredibly exciting. I know I worked very hard to set myself for success upon graduating, but man does it feel good to actually reap the benefits of all my efforts! It’s so surreal right now. This also means that beginning in exactly five days I have to be a legit adult again and, you know, work. Scary stuff. But it certainly eases my anxiety to know that I was able to land a job at the exact company I wanted and my job hunting process was remarkably uneventful and abrupt. Win!

Throughout all of this excitement, it was not lost on me that (once again) my schedule will be completely shifting. My therapist and I have always, somehow, done an excellent job at rearranging our schedules to fit each other’s needs, but it’s something that always makes me intensely anxious. Since things have been more relaxed lately, I didn’t panic about my changing schedule as much as I usually do. But I did worry that since I’d have to cancel two of my three appointments next week (after she returns from a TWELVE DAY vacation) it would simply be too long to go without our normal sessions.

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