A Formidable Opponent 

At the tail end of Monday’s session, I found the courage to bring up my eating disorder. This is not something we generally talk about in session because I avoid it at all costs.

But I told her it had been getting worse and I’m becoming increasingly afraid of the potential repercussions, physiologically and otherwise.

I graduate next month.

Right now I have almost nothing to do with my infinite free time except descend further into my illness.

I don’t want to do that.

Yet I do.

I suppose I see this as an opportunity to drop my intake as low as possible and drop as much weight as possible. I want to push the limits of the disorder and see where it will take me. I no longer have professors, clinical instructors, or patients to answer to, so what is to stop me from starving??

Well, I also want to prepare to exit school and enter a profession I have worked so hard to join. I want to continue to run and do yoga and Pilates and leisure read my list of books by feminist writers and continue aprendiendo Español and reading the latest research in my field. I want to see my friends and family and reach out to my network. I want to lounge on my amazing sofa and watch endless amounts of Hulu, Netflix, and HBO.

But I can’t.

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