Mother’s Day Metaphor

Last night I was alerted by Facebook that one of my estranged siblings, my brother, had used an old family photograph I posted to Facebook five years ago following my uncle’s wedding. My brother cropped me out of the original photo to create a Mother’s Day photo for his profile picture.

So what remains is a cropped photo of my entire family, sans me. 

For the first minute after I’d read the notification and realized what he had done, I was speechless. The heartbreak, betrayal, and sense of grief was overwhelming. 

Then, after I’d had a chance to breathe and think about it a bit, I just started laughing because, really, it is an absolutely perfect representation of what has transpired over the last several years. 

Those five individuals – my former family members – have remained exactly the same, preserved in a state of chaos and dysfunction. My life has changed dramatically, for the better, and has continued to improve with each passing day since I severed ties with them. 

But the only thing about their life that has changed is that I am no longer in it. I literally cropped myself out of the picture. 

It’s hard to remain upset when the universe handed me such a beautiful metaphor on a day when I really needed to be reminded of why I became estranged from these people in the first place. 

They will never change. 

I will never stop growing. 

Happy Mother’s Day to myself: the best mother I have ever had.