This is Not the Original Post I Wrote

I just wrote an entire post telling you all about how I pulled a hamstring at yoga last night and went to urgent care today and now I have to rest and ice and take a muscle relaxant plus prescription strength naproxene for inflammation and now I can’t do any exercise for probably a week (or more) and it’s so frustrating. Also, my pulse was only 44 beats per minute (normal is 60-100), so now I’m wondering if this stupid eating disorder isn’t causing my body to eat my own damn heart. But then the WP iPad app deleted my post. So now it’s gone and I’m too tired (and drugged) to recreate the original post, thus I’m writing this so that I can at least vent about how pissed I am that my post is just GONE. 

The end. Fuck you, app.


16 thoughts on “This is Not the Original Post I Wrote

  1. Amb says:

    My iphone app has sucked all day since I updated it. Won’t even load anything. I’m sorry that it deleted your post and that you were injured. Sending lots of positive thoughts and gentle hugs your way, if okay?

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