So done with today. Called the therapist around 11pm last night to leave a voicemail. She called back early this morning. Andi didn’t pick up, but she called her back and left a voicemail mentioning a good time to call again. She did call back. 

Andi talked to her for about 15 minutes later this morning, then she called back this afternoon and I talked to her for about 35 minutes. They were mostly good conversations, I think. Crying. Yelling. Frustration. Confusion. (The usual). But she’s tough and not a whiny baby like Zooey, so that’s a refreshing change. 

She also said I could call her back if I needed to check in again. I thought that was cool of her, but I will leave her alone. I can make it until Tuesday. Right?

Too effing tired to write about it more now. Maybe tomorrow. All of this switching and internal fuckery is exhausting. 


29 thoughts on “Today

  1. Boost Connection says:

    Glad you reached out for support, my dear. You are very worth it. Yes, you can handle life with all its ups and downs. But there are moments when we all want and need support from others, and that’s okay. Here’s to sleep!

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  2. thetherapyrelationship says:

    Whether you make it till Tuesday or not is okay, either way. Talking to the therapist again would not be a negative reflection of you; if you need more support, it just means in that moment you needed support. It might be hard to trust that when she says it is okay to call again, it really is. But practicing trusting trustworthy people is part of what we have to do to heal, right? Take care.

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  3. Cat says:

    Hi Julia… I think reaching out is a good thing and I’m pleased both you and Andi had an opportunity to speak. This T really seems to be a good one. I wouldn’t worry if you need to speak to the T again before Tuesday, it doesn’t sound like she would be mind and it shows your willingness to reach out and hopefully build more trust. Hope you’re all able to relax today (Sun)

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