Done! (For Now…)

*NOTE: this is not a picture of me, but it’s a good example of a goniometry test*

I made it. All three midterm practicals are DONE!!!! Woohoo!

Today’s practical went very well, definitely the best of the three. I actually think I did everything perfect (and my partner agreed). Not sure the professor will give me a 100, but I know I didn’t make any errors. She just might take points for “finesse” or whatever. There was a moment when the lab tech interrupted to “fix my form”. He must have noticed the look of confusion on my face (since I knew I was doing the test properly) so he quickly said, “This is a teaching moment…this is not for grading. I just want to show you something.” Which, phew, that was a relief! But I sorta wish he’d waited for open lab to teach me that particular adjustment.

Anyway. These tests were not as bad as I’d originally though they’d be. Partly, I think, because I’m much calmer than I used to be. But also because I was incredibly prepared, both in knowledge and in practice. I’ve clocked many, many hours doing the same tests, procedures, interviews, movements over and over and over. If nothing else, muscle memory kicked in to save my butt. But also, I just knew it. I knew it well. And that allowed me to walk into each room with confidence.

I’m very proud of myself. And I rewarded myself by taking a nice long nap.

Now I need to go study for the three exams I have coming up and begin writing the three papers due next month. Never a dull moment!

Thanks for all your support this week 🙂