Dr. White

imagesToday I had a consultation with a potential new psychiatrist.

(What happened with Dr. Bird? Good question. She literally just never responded to me again. Even though she changed my medication, I guess she never felt the need to follow up on that. Or even send me a bill for the consult.).

The therapist I’m seeing now found this woman’s name through colleagues or something. She’s both a shrink and a psychologist, so I think she generally does both therapy and medication management, but she also charges nearly twice what I pay right now per session, so no thanks. Also, I like the therapist I’m seeing right now so I want to stay with her.

The shrink (I shall call her Dr. White) said that she wanted me to know she’s never met the therapist. I was confused, but I said, “Yeah…I mean, I assumed as much.” and she responded, “Well, I don’t generally work with clients unless I know their therapists.” I just rolled my eyes and said, “Well whatever then!” Because, honestly, if you don’t want to work with clients unless you know their therapist, and you just admitted you don’t know this therapist, WHY DID YOU SCHEDULE A CONSULT WITH ME?! Ugh!

I think she sensed my disgust because she quickly said, “But we’ll just have to get to know each other.” Fine, lady. Whatever floats your boat.

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