Our First Troll

Hi guys, this is Julia. I just wanted to write a post to commemorate our first online troll.

Unfortunately it wasn’t on THIS blog, but it was in response to a comment Andi made on someone else’s blog. That blogger then accused us of faking DID, said Andi “stalked” Zooey and only “whines about therapy”. She further claimed that Andi “stole” two of her blog posts and “twisted” them into her own. She also specifically put my name in quotations to suggest I am not real. She called me a liar, but when I asked her to explain how she thought I was lying, she suddenly acquired a migraine headache.

She also insulted Andi for doing research on DID despite thinking that many of the mental health professionals she worked with were are “narcissistic douchebags with a savior complex” (I will assume she doesn’t yet understand the concept of living in the dialectic). She also said something about someone named Sam (the hobbit?) and something about an online stalker. None of us have any clue what she’s talking about.

Also, did she like memorize our blog? What a weirdo.

I knew this moment would come. I knew we’d be called a liar (nothing new). I knew people would say cruel things. But I’m proud of Andi, River, and I. We’ve made a large enough ripple to start pissing people off!


ETA: In all seriousness though, this is another blogger with DID. These comments appear to be made by a single part, so I’m not sure if the main author feels the same way, or just this part. I know I have several parts that share very different opinions from my own. Regardless, none of us should be policing each other’s diagnoses or accusing people of faking their illness. That’s just cruel and also contributes to the stigma that poisons our lives. Be kind to each other, fellow bloggers! Love, Andi


17 thoughts on “Our First Troll

  1. Boost Connection says:

    Brava for standing up for yourself, J! Generalizations are a part of normal everyday life, communication, and social processes. We all do it (generalization!).

    I have little patience for the policing of speech by righteous people loudly claiming the necessity of individualistic language that acknowledges all the sensitive, special snowflakes of the world. As if understanding and representing commonly held beliefs is a capital crime. It does not mean you assume you speak for ALL people, or that you are even representing your own individual beliefs. It is not humanly possible to acknowledge and defer to all perspectives all the time, nor should it be necessary. It’s impossible to realistically attempt such a feat. We’d never accomplish anything if that’s how we communicated. Respect is one thing. This is quite another.

    Also, no one should call you a liar or imply you’re making it up. That’s not right. I’m glad you stood up for yourself, my dear ❤

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  2. Cat says:

    Well done, Julia, for standing up for yourself. I can never understand people who start to question our diagnosis, seems they haven’t got enough to worry about in their own life.

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  3. Sam Ruck says:

    Hi Julia,

    from the little you said I think she did the same things to me. I’m probably the ‘Sam’ she mentioned. I’m glad she didn’t cause you excessive turmoil especially since this is a big week for you with your finals, right? Good luck on the rest of them!


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    • Andi says:

      Ugh, I’m sorry Sam. I didn’t realize she was talking about you until she later pointed it out. I was pretty upset last night, but I managed to calm down. And yeah, Andi has crazy exams this week so we should definitely not be getting wrapped up in this kind of crap. Thanks! -J

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  4. manyofus1980 says:

    I’m so sorry this happened. Your right. Who is anyone else to say your faking, or you dont have did. Thats not right. I know tho, unfortunately I’ve been there too. And it hurts,, a lot. XX

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  5. Zoe says:

    Trolls are a sure sign you’re doing all the right things. They only seem to appear when your story is getting somewhere. Congrats on calling it how it is Julia. I believe in all of you.

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