Reblog: The Balancing Act of “Being Safe”

“And if you have accepted the belief that other people are mostly dangerous, that our relationships are only a potential experience of pain, then the logical next step is that the only way to be safe is to keep yourself apart. To trust no one. To expect the worst of everyone.

No trust means no hurt. Right?


Ann Becker-Schutte, Ph.D.

One of pieces of my practice mission is to create and hold safe space for my clients.

Coming to therapy is a big step. And it isn’t one that people tend to take unless they are facing some pretty significant disruption or pain. By the time someone is sitting down with me, it isn’t unusual for them to have been through a lot of difficult stuff. They have faced hurt or betrayal in their relationships, or they have endured significant loss. For some of my clients, those patterns of loss and hurt have repeated multiple times throughout their lives.

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