A New Aunt

Today was my last day with my sister and her family. We met up with them at the local mall so my sister could get in some exercise post-baby. My brother-in-law treated us all to lunch as well, which was fun, but it was admittedly hard not to let on that I know about his less than desirable behavior. My younger niece was like a barnacle all day. She kept kissing and hugging me and resting her face against my chest. I think she was listening to my heartbeat. I loved every minute of it. She’s four, but her head still has that baby smell that is perfect and amazing and makes me so happy.

Being loved like that by children is one of the most incredible feelings in the world. The littler one doesn’t really take much to people other than her parents. I have always been the exception. Even as a newborn, she would only let her mother and myself hold her. I went to their house for Christmas right after my niece was born and my sister just handed her to me for like four hours because I was the only person that could hold the baby without her crying. She doesn’t remember it the way we hold later memories, but I like to think her and I have had a special bond since she was born.

After our trip to the mall we met up at their dance studio so I could watch both of the girls’ dance lessons. They dance at the same studio I attended for 15 years. They even have the same dance teacher I had, so I was able to see her again as well. It was nice, but also weird. And strange. Their are actual photos of me on the walls in dance costumes and trophies with my name on them, but I have almost no memories of dancing at all. I look happy in the photos, though. I think.

After that we came back to Mom’s and ordered food. I ate way too much food and River nearly snapped Wife’s head off, but it’s the first day in five months that we ate like a normal person. I even had ice cream for dessert! Of course this means we will barely eat anything tomorrow, but it was worth it.

Wife and I also got to meet Mom’s youngest sister today (she has four). She is lovely and smart and so easy to talk to. We spent a couple of hours chatting over coffee this morning. She’s so much like Mom, in the very best of ways.

We had to drive her into town to get Mom’s car before lunch and as we were putting our shoes on, she smiled and said, “You know…if my sister is your Mom, that makes me your Aunt. So you have to call me Aunt from now on.”  I replied, “I already refer to you as Aunt anyway because that’s how Mom refers to you when she talks about you.” and she said, “Well now it’s official!”  So now I have a new Aunt! Yippie! This little family of mine is getting bigger and bigger!

Now I must rest. I have another phone session with the therapist in the morning and I’m so totally brain-fried, I have no idea how I’m going to get through that phone call. I still haven’t processed the last one!


8 thoughts on “A New Aunt

  1. Cat says:

    Children’s love is so pure and unconditional. I love that your mom’s sister said that, yeh, nice one 🙂 So pleased to read things are going well and I can imagine how difficult it was to put on a face for the wandering hubby!

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