Things are a little better. I don’t feel as cranky. I think the nap I took helped with that. Plus I’ve been able to sleep in, which is nice.

Wife and I did Easter dinner with my sister and her family. It was lovely to see my nieces. My older niece was so excited she just stared at me for a good while before getting up and screaming as she ran to hug me. The littler one was so sweet – I scooped her up and she buried her head right in my neck. She said, “Oh I missed you, Aunt Andi…I missed you so much…I’ve been dreaming of you.” My heart totally melted.

We also spent most of today with them. Wife played with the girls for a few hours, so I could hang out with my sis and the new nephew. He is absolutely adorable. Also, very alert for a newborn! He opens his eyes and just looks all around with these amazing facial expressions. He can already lift his head and support his weight with this neck, which is surreal.

Tonight we were watching “How to Train Your Dragon 2” with the girls and the littler one was laying on my chest and stomach. Then the oldest one wanted to lay down, so I had both of them (a 6 and 4 year old) sprawled across my body for a good hour or so. It was heaven. There’s not many things better than being loved and snuggling up with your nieces. My little one kept nuzzling her cheeks up against mine. She also does this thing where she has to always be holding onto my wrist when she’s near me. It’s so cute and precious because I’m not even sure she notices she does it. But if I lift my hand to check my phone and fix my hair or something, she immediately reaches right up to follow my wrist with her little hand. It’s almost like she’s checking my pulse.

They also LOVE to hug us. They are very relaxed and comfortable around Wife and I, so they tend to give us these long, lingering hugs where I can just feel their whole bodies relax and they take these big deep breaths that demonstrate how totally safe and loved they feel in my arms. It’s one of my favorite sounds – that little sigh of absolute surrender.

It’s so hard to be here…to make this trip. But I love those children beyond words.


10 thoughts on “Snuggles

  1. Boost Connection says:

    It really is those little moments which make it feel worthwhile. It’s absolutely precious and it’s the little moments you can’t get back if missed. The sacrifices you make to go up there are effin’ hard, but I understand they’re not entirely for yourself. I am sending good vibes and hope you achieve whatever balance you need for this trip.

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  2. Anxious Mom says:

    Dangit, this post has caused the pollen to irritate my eyes. 🙂

    Getting to hang out and get all that love from the little ones sounds wonderful, sounds like they have a ton of love for their Aunt Andi! BTW, LM and I watched that same movie on Netflix yesterday, cuddles and all 🙂

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  3. Cat says:

    That really sounds like a lovely reunion with your nieces. I remember those close moments with my nephews when they were younger, they’re very special. I’m pleased to hear you’re doin okay, all things considering

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  4. Drea says:

    Hi Andi, I am impressed with your ability to hang with a tough situation! You were able to feel your emotions, identify them, and then stay as present as possible. Home visits are highly triggering. What you are doing is so small feat. Even if it doesn’t feel like it.

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