Two Years

imagesToday marks two years that I’ve been estranged from my biological family. There’s a long and dramatic story attached to that decision and what ultimately pushed me to “pull the trigger” so to speak, but I don’t want to share that quite yet. Today, I just want to share the transcripts from the final voicemails that I received from each member of my family of origin. I think that the messages actually do a great job of outlining the type of relationship I had with each person and the role I played both within the family itself and in each individual person’s life:


“Andi, I’m trying to call you to vent about people who’s IQ’s are inferior to mine and you’re not picking up and I really need to discuss this because this dumb twat bitch in my class is talking shit and thinks I can’t hear her and she needs to get slapped right in her little bitch face. Bye.”


“Hey sister, this is [Sister] (as you probably know). I just wanted to wish you guys luck on your run tomorrow if I didn’t catch you before that. Um, I’m working late so I figured I’d catch you in between jobs. But, um, I hope everything goes well tomorrow. Also, I got this great job notification about a job working for the government. So I’m gonna work on my resumé and update it with my cover letter and stuff. I was just gonna send you my cover letter just for you to look over and make sure it looks okay just to get a second set of eyes. Um, so I’m hoping to work on it on Sunday and get it emailed to you and then get it emailed to them by Tuesday if you’re gonna be available. Um, so anyway, hope you have fun and good luck with your race and I shall talk to you when you get back. Okay, love you. Bye.


“Hi Honey, just wanted to let you know that…If you didn’t get my text message…that the dress came in – around 6:30 they dropped it off. So it’s here in our house safe and sound. Love You. Bye.”


So these are actually series of a voicemails. The first six were all left within about 20 minutes of each other, interspersed with scathing text messages of similar content. She was upset with me because of something going on with my older sister (the prompting event I referenced earlier):

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