1333740230It finally feels like the dark space that we’ve been existing in for the past several weeks is beginning to get some light. I’m not exactly sure why, but it’s likely a combination of things.

We’ve managed to get to the gym four days in a row, including Monday night yoga last night, which was very meditative. The endorphins are probably helping our mood to shift upwards. Plus it’s March! February was a little bitch. It always is, no matter what I do to try and make the month more manageable, it is always hell. I’m THRILLED that this upcoming Sunday is the “Spring Forward” part of Daylight Savings Time.


Plus I think I’m finally feeling a critical amount of hopeful that things will get better for me, as far as treatment. The last session with this therapist was very productive and I left with a much stronger feeling of optimism. I’ve been thinking more about the frequency of sessions and I think I’m gonna hang out in the once a week zone, with the option of adding a session if we need one (like what happened last week). I would also use extra sessions during particular difficult weeks, traumaversaries, and to bookend times I know I tend to struggle (such as traveling to my hometown, which I’ll be doing next month).

I ran out of my anti-drepressant Sunday morning. I hope this therapist can help connect me with a new shrink soon-ish so I don’t go too long without one. I’m not sure I believe it really helps much, but it’s never a good idea to just stop taking any medication without at least being under the care of a doctor. I’m kinda pissed that Dr. Bird just never responded to me. What the heck is up with clinicians being so damn unprofessional?! Ugh.

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