Yep. That essentially sums up today. I barely left my room. I did not change out of pajamas. I ate two meals. I don’t even think I brushed my teeth or put on deodorant. Right now, I totally hate my life. Every single day is so hard. And I’m tired of the effort it takes to do very basic things. This sucks.


16 thoughts on “Today

  1. Zoe says:

    Seems like it was a generally fail day for a lot of us. Hope you feel better and I’m glad you were born. I’ve learned a lot from the things you’ve written as well as your courage!

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  2. lilylanders30 says:

    I definitely feel your pain. I feel this way far too often. At least you ate. I don’t even do that most days. I rarely get dressed. Just know that you’re not alone in your pain or despair. We have to fight this and be bigger than it. Keep your head up. Godspeed.

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      • Cat says:

        If we are ill with a virus, we take it easy and treat ourselves with kindness; wrapping up warm, medicines, taking extra rest, etc, but when we’re depressed we become irritated, resentful and hard on ourselves… 😉 Take it easy, this too shall pass 😉

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